COD Mobile Season 11 and Series 7 Ranker rewards leaks

COD Mobile Season 11 and Series 7 Ranker rewards leaks

Image Credits : COD Mobile

COD Mobile Season 11 will be coming soon, the season 11 brings a lot of changes to the game by introducing few new characters, free gun skins, maps and more to the game. The players are more excited to play this season 11.

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Along with the COD season 11 leaks you can also check the series 7 rankers rewards. COD Mobile celebrating their first anniversary. In this season the game developers added some new items like Heartbeat sensor, Ballistic Shield and advanced UAV which will helps to the players to find their enemies.

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A new Map called KING is introducing to the game in the upcoming update. This map has large number of buildings and look good. If you check the characters they are added 4 new characters in this game and some weapon skins check below:

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COD Season 11 Epic Characters:

1) Scylla – Future Vice

2) Reaper – Premium

3) Zero – Nebula

4) Spectre – Pixel Spy

COD Season 11 Epic Weapons:

1) DL Q33-Neon Burst

2) Ak117-Neon Lotus

3) Fennec-Veroant

4) KRM-262-Point and Click

5) QQ9-Neon Grunge

Heartbeat Sensor:

Heartbeat Sensor is looks like a tablet that displays rough information about nearby enemies.

COD Series 7 Battle Royale Rank Rewards:

1) Baseball Bat-Royal Flush

2) Avata-Hew

3) T.E.D.D.-Where to SIR?

4) Calling Card-High Roller

COD Series 7 Multiplayer Rank Rewards:

1) Charm-Series 7

2) Steeled Frame

3) Echo-Royal Flush

4) Kilo Bolt-Action Dealer


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