PUBG Mobile Free popularity gift Redeem Code for 25th October

PUBG Mobile Free popularity gift Redeem Code for 25th October
PUBG Mobile Free popularity gift Redeem Code

In PUBG Mobile redeem codes are one of the best alternative to get free rewards. Several exclusives outfits, skins and more available in the game. For getting these items the players need to speed in-game currency UC.

But every player is not affordable to buy these items by using UC. So, the game developers will provide redeem code for the players. By using these redeem codes the players can get items in the game with free of cost. 

These redeem codes will work for only some specific period of time and a specific limit. If the code reaches the limit it will not work for further. So, the players have to use the redeem codes as quickly as possible to claim the rewards. 

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code for Today: Free popularity gift

Redeem code: BGDHZBZUQU

By using this redeem code the players will get a giftable item called ‘I See You’, which upon gifting to another player, which increase the recipient’s popularity by 200.

How to use redeem codes in PUBG Mobile

Follow the steps given below to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile.

Step 1: Visit the PUBG Mobile official redemption center on PUBG Mobile’s website. 

Step 2: Enter your PUBG Mobile UID, redeem code and captcha code.

Step 3: Click on the redeem option then a pop-up window appears for conform your details.

Step 4: Click on Ok option.

Once the code is successfully redeem the items will be available in the game.

If any error occurred while using the redeem code means the usage time of the code is expired or the limit is reached.

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